Register School

What is School registration

School registration is the process of acquiring an official certificate or record, for an educational institution to operate. You must register if you will provide full-time education for 5 or more pupils of compulsory school age with an education.

Why School registration

The National Inspectorate Board (NIB), is an Agency of the Ministry of Education responsible for providing an independent external evaluation of the quality and standards in basic and second cycle educational institutions. The NIB is responsible for registering and licensing all pre-tertiary educational and training institutions and facilities in Ghana.

Who should register and why?

You must register with the NIB before you can run a school in Ghana.


  1. All schools should be duly registered or at least secure a provisional license to operate before commencing business.
  2. Schools without a provisional license to operate / certificate of registration would be sanctioned and made to register.

Registration Process

  1. Proprietor applies for permission to register a school on the NIB website.
  2. Private schools’ desk officer pays a familiarization visit to acquaint him/herself with the development in the school.
  3. Proprietor then completes and submits a registration form online on the NIB website


After submitting the application for permission to operate a school, the NIB will panel inspectors to inspect the school using our Inspection Registration Protocol. Report on the inspected schools shall be sent to the chief inspector of schools for approval and the registration department for numbering and certification.

Cost of Registration

    1. Application for Permission to register a school (Processing Fee) – GHS 100


Registration Fees for departments:

    1. Kindergarten (KG) – GHS 200
    2. Primary – 200ghc
    3. Junior High School – GHS 200
    4. Senior High School (SHS) – GHS 200