Regulations and guidelines

Our Inspection Process and Guidelines

The NIB conducts school inspections through the deployment of its Inspection Evaluation Framework (IEF) as documented in the Revised Handbook for the Inspections Public and Private Pre-Tertiary Schools in Ghana – 2019. As of June, 2019, the inspection approach has been revised to make it data analysis friendly. Every data point collected will lead to some form of decision making.


The NIB IEF has two main parts; Part (A) which focuses on elements, sub-elements and indicators that directly evaluate School Performance. This is further categorized into three; School Leadership, Lesson Observation, and External Assessment Results.


The Part (B) evaluates School’s Compliance with Ministry of Education (MoE) requirements; this is further categorized into three: Curriculum and Planning, School Management and Resources. Digitized data collection instruments have been developed for collecting this data at the school level for ease of data entry and analysis for decision making.

Feedback on IEF