About NIB

Learning, not just schooling.

What do we do at NIB?

In 2008, the Education Act, 778 established the National Inspectorate Board (NIB) with 3 main responsibilities:

1. School Inspection

NIB undertake periodic inspection of pre-tertiary private and public schools in Ghana. The Council sets up inspection panels that will inspect schools periodically at the discretion of the Council or specifically at the instigation of a credible stakeholder association or organization.

NIB’s inspection panels perform their duties within the guidelines of an Inspection Framework and under a strict Code of Conduct.

Our Inspections Processes

2. School Evaluation

NIB evaluates, on a periodic basis, the quality of teaching and learning in first and second cycle institutions across the country.


We believe the quality of learning is closely linked to the quality of the school which, in turn, is determined by the quality of the teachers, what goes on in the classroom, and the overall culture and learning environment of the school.

Find Inspected Schools

3. Enforce Standards

NIB sets and enforces standards to be observed at pre-tertiary educational institutions. We do this by asking key questions such as:

  • Is the curriculum appropriate?
  • Is the pedagogy appropriate?
  • Are teaching and learning materials available and appropriate?
  • Are class sizes in tune with the expected learning outcomes?
  • Is there evidence of technology-mediated learning?
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